My Fellow American,

          Over the last several years since 2009, ENPHRONT has become a vital part of the community in Southern NJ and its surrounding area. In the time since we opened our doors to the first five veterans, the program has grown to house as many as fifty individuals at a time; and has become a vital entity within the community. As the economy in our area declined, we were there, providing services to those veterans in need. ENPHRONT has helped hundreds of homeless veterans achieve independence through increasing income, finding housing, and teaching sustainability. You can help! Your contribution of $30 will help us serve even more of the brave Americans who valiantly answered their nation's call to military service.

          Along with providing transitional housing, ENPHRONT also provides help with any barriers the veteran may have to independent living; such as addictions, mental health wellness, poor coping skills, and many other issues. Without these services, many of those same clients would not be able to maintain independent housing. Every year since our inception we have increased the amount and effectiveness of these options for those that need them. We want to continue to do more.

         ENPHRONT is now looking to expand and offer more services to our veterans who offered everything to our nation, including their very lives, for the cause of freedom. Many of these brave veterans still bear the scars of their service. Your support will ensure these much-needed, cost-effective services to our heroic service-members will continue for years to come. Please visit our website at and make a one-time donation using the “Donate Now” button; or, become a sustaining member of the Patriot Club by making an automatic donation of $19.95 per month. Together we can end homelessness among veterans in our area. Show our veterans how much you care.
Thank you,
Mark Ford
Executive Director         



“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” —Elmer Davis

Letter from the Executive Director



*Veterans Administration Grant Per Diem approved program.


It is our mission and that of our partners to provide homeless Veterans and their

families with the housing, education, medical, employment services and opportunities they need to become self-sustaining citizens.

   “To return those who have borne the battle, return their wives and
    children to independent living with dignity in the community”. 

 Moving Veterans From the Cycle of Despair to the Circle of Care.